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6 cooking tips from Alton Brown

6 cooking tips from Alton Brown
alton brown seattle

Alton Brown’s Good Eats is the only “cooking” show to grab my attention and refuse to let go. Mike and I love watching re-runs and revisiting punch lines!

It didn’t hurt that he’s from Atlanta and used to ride BMW motorcycles.

Love Good Eats but no fan of Cutthroat Kitchen. It just seems too … random.

Lucky for us, Alton Brown started a site separate from the Food Network! Yeah! In no particular order, here are six must-know cooking and kitchen tips from Alton Brown’s new website.

1. Use parchment paper, not wax paper.

2. How to make clarified butter and ghee.

3. Your guide to being an awesome at-home barista.

4. Make your dog fall in love with you all over again.

5. A hassle-free alternative to boiled eggs.

6. Preserve summer produce without canning.


Here are obligatory fanboy photos!


alton brown seattle

Alton Brown, Seattle, 21 February 2015



Alton Brown in Seattle

Mike and Kathy mug it up with Alton Brown

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